I’ve been reading up on how to use CSS Grid layout. Which reminded me of how a lot of games in the past used a grid based playing field (e.g. Bomberman,Boulder Dash,…).
So I’ve decided to get some practice an recreate a basic Snake game using JavaScript and Css Grid layout.

The code is written in vanilla JavaScript and CSS. No external libraries or Pre-processors where used.

The source is, as always, available on GitHub.

I’ve started working on a front-end project using Angular in combination with the Angular-CLI. By default Angular-CLI scaffolds a project configured to use TypeScript and the (optional) scss-sass css preprocessor.

In order to get a better grip on both technologies I’ve followed a scss and TypeScript cours on Udemy. For reference all examples and snippets have been added to my GitHub account.

Feel free to have a look:

A few weeks ago I gave a technical talk about the new reactive programming capabilities of the upcoming Spring Boot 2.0 release.

The talk discusses the need for reactive programming and the current landscape of implementations. You can view the slides here.

I’ve created a sample application to accompany the talk. It contains a web application build on Spring Boot 2.0, the MongoDB Reactive Streams Java Driver and Oboe.js.

The source is available on GitHub.

Error code 10003

We encountered an unexpected error while trying to update a capped collection in MongoDB after upgrading from 3.0 to 3.2:

Mongo> db.logItems
.update({_id : ObjectId('566839ad1d8bd6870a1ce5c2')},
{'$set' : {'processed' : true}})
"nMatched" : 0,
"nUpserted" : 0,
"nModified" : 0,
"writeError" : {
"code" : 10003,
"errmsg" : "Cannot change the size of a document
in a capped collection: 28320 != 28331"

As it turns out this behaviour is to be expected. The documentation clearly states that the size of a document in a capped collection can not be changed.

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