Getting some practice: Make a game in AngularJS

I’m currently working on a project in which we are re-writing an existing website build on Spring-MVC and JSPs. We decided to jump on the band-wagon and move to a combination of Spring RESTful web services and AngularJS.

To get some practice I thought I could make a game in AngularJS.

The game is similar to the game Ghost Blitz as you need to figure out as quickly as possible which is the correct answer based on elimination. The in-game text is in Dutch but the code is written in English.

You can have a look at the live demo here . The code is available under the GPL license on my GitHub account, which can be found here. If you have a suggestion feel free to create an issue. Or better yet, create a fork and add whatever you can think of !

Technology used:

  • Webstorm as the IDE of choice. I was very impressed with their CSS/Javascript debugging support. Spy-JS saved me a lot of time.
  • The questions were generated by a Node.js script.
  • Lodash was used for boilerplate code.
  • AngularJS is the main-framework. I added Angular-Material Design for the layout system, buttons and dialogues.
  • Npm and Bower handled dependencies.
    I’ve learned a lot from writing this fun little program, writing a game is a fun way to try out some new technologies. Enjoy the code and enjoy the game.